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Smart Objects

Use Smart Objects as class representation in order to quickly create tree structures with fake data using Value Transformers.

Key name & Key order

Key name and key order is synchronized within all Smart Object shared copies.

Insert / Delete / Reorder

Any modifications involing the Smart Objects is synchronized. You can insert new Json nodes, delete them or reorder, all will be synchronized in all shared copies.

Value Transformers

Value transformers are shared in all shared copies, you will handle only single instance of value transformer.

Convert to Smart Object

Purchase Pro verstion to use this special functionalily. In order to convert all template objects to shared Smart Object copies. Any time you need to process API response in order to override some values select a template object and use this functionality.

Convert to Object

You can also convert back any Smart Object to regular JSON Object type. All value transformers will be applied and removed so.

Smart Objects as Classes

Think of Smart Object as a model class representation. The future version of Swift JSON Editor will bring Export Transformers that you can take advantages to generate code files and more.

Always Duplicate Smart Nodes to create shared copies

Smart Arrays

Smart Arrays synchronizes list between all shared copies.

Lists synchronized

Smart Arrays synchronizes its lists between all copies. Any deletion or insertion of new data is synchronized in all copies.


List Value Transformers

You can apply Value Transformers to Smart Arrays to generate list data.

When creating test data always use Smart Objects & Smart Arrays